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Real Souls with Peggy Bennett

Jul 29, 2018

Tune in as Spiritual Breakthrough Coach, Heather Fantin shares about her exciting 15-year Eat-Pray-Love journey and her personal story of trauma that led to a massive spiritual awakening at just 18 years old. What is so unique about Heather’s story is that at such a young age she started trusting her inner voice and...

Jul 15, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a military wife? Well, my guest Kristin Bentley has been married to not only one, but two men in the military. Listen as she opens up and shares her fascinating stories filled with unpredictable highs and lows!

Jul 1, 2018

Join my special guest, Dr Gary Salyer, as we talk about his forthcoming book, Safe to Love Again. How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships & Create the Love You Desire. Learn why we attract the ones we do, why we fall into the patterns we do, and when you are dating, how to learn early signs of whether you are in a...